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Learning in an Alternative Context

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So you’re taking a group to a camp school. This involves loads of preparation, however it’s well worth the effort. Camp schools provide an alternative context to meet educational outcomes for your students. Part of your preparation is to consider how to make the most of this context and what it offers that cannot be offered in a regular classroom. As teachers, you know your students really well and you know who might be struggling in the classroom environment when it comes to achieving particular outcomes. Exploit the camp school context and liaise with the experienced managers who will provide insights into how you can maximise student outcomes in the camp school setting. This applies to outcomes across all learning areas.

Increasingly teachers start with the outcomes and then move to a decision about using camp schools. Certain individuals and groups of students thrive in the camp school setting – the camp school can often provide the practical application of skills and knowledge that lead to understanding and achievement of desired outcomes.

The programs offered by the camp school are complementary to the formal classroom programs and provide teachers with opportunities to extend student learning in most Learning Areas in relevant, practical and supportive environments. However, the programs delivered at camp schools are YOUR programs, designed to meet the educational needs of your students. Planning with the camp school managers will ensure that the programs meet the needs of your students so that they achieve: Same Outcomes, Alternative Context.