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General Conditions of Hire

Booking Confirmation

Signing the “Booking Confirmation and Acceptance of Hire Agreement Form” and the payment of the deposit by the required date secures a group’s booking.


At the completion of camp, schools will be issued one invoice which includes all accommodation, meal, activity and excursion costs. For all other user groups, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Camp Manager, full payment is required on departure.


Cancellations must be advised in writing. Deposits are refundable up to 16 weeks prior to the camp commencing, less an administration charge of $40.00. Cancellations made after this period render the deposit non refundable.

Terminating the Occupancy

The Pemberton Camp School reserves the right to terminate the occupancy for breach of the “General Conditions for Hire”. The Camp Manager is empowered to take action as deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the camp.

Teachers in Charge (group leaders) / Policy Compliance

Department of Education (DoE) policy requires the principal of the visiting school to nominate a member of the teaching staff to be the “teacher in charge” and authorise that person to manage the excursion (camp). All other group must have a competent leader in charge to liaise with Pemberton Camp School staff.

The teacher in charge is required to comply with the procedures outlined in:

The Teachers in Charge is responsible for the camps supervision at all times. Camp staff may instruct, lead, demonstrate or assist in an activity, but, the Teacher in Charge is deemed to be responsible for overall group supervision.

It is the responsibility of the Teachers/Leaders in Charge to ensure that campers understand and follow the rules and procedures of camp.

Emergency Procedures / Safety

The camps emergency procedures comply with DoE policy on Emergency Management. Emergency procedures and evacuation plans are strategically posted throughout the camp school and will be referred to by camp school staff during the “orientation to camp”. Thereafter, it is the responsibility of the Teacher in Charge to brief any subsequent arrivals, including day visitors, on these and all other safety aspects and general conditions of camp.

The camp also complies with the DoE’s specific requirements of residential camps and is fitted with regularly maintained: fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs.


Any changes to the program should be made in consultation with the Camp Manager. DoE policy states that Teachers in Charge “Must not allow students participating in an excursion to engage in additional or alternative activities for which parental approval has not been gained”.

Meal Times

Unless the Camp Manager has approved a change or indicated otherwise, meal times are to be strictly adhered to.

Special Dietary Requirements

Special diets and allergies can be catered for. Please indicate these in advance on the “Camp Return Form”, see the Camp Information Package.

What to Bring

In addition to clothing and personal needs campers are required to bring a fitted sheet and pillow slip even if using a sleeping bag for health reasons a towel and toiletries. A doona, pillow and spare blankets are supplied. Linen can be ordered by prior arrangement at a cost of approximately $4.00. See suggested clothing list in Camp Information Package or website.

Daily Duties

Groups are responsible for serving and clearing of meals, washing and wiping of dishes and general cleaning and tidiness of camp. A copy of “Campers Duties” is available in the Camp Information Package.

Alternate arrangements can be requested in advance, usually at an additional cost.


The camp school telephones are available during office hours for camp related business calls, back to school if required. A telephone is available 24 hours per day in the kitchen for use in emergencies. Business 08 97761277. Groups are required to bring their own mobile telephone, this number to be given to the camp school staff on arrival. There is a public telephone located in the main street of Pemberton for personal calls.


No fires, including the “fire pit” may be lit on the property without the consent of the camp manager.

Damage and Loss

Groups are liable for and, at the discretion of the Camp Manager, may be charged for damage to or loss of camp school property and equipment. The Pemberton Camp School takes no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal property.

Alchohol / Smoking

In accordance with DoE policy the consumption of alcohol at the camp requires the prior approval of the Camp Manager. Smoking on site is prohibited.

Food and Drink

Food, including lollies, and drinks, except water, are not to be consumed in dormitories.

First Aid

First Aid is the responsibility of campers. The group is expected to provide their own first aid equipment. The Camp Manager is qualified in First Aid and does have back up first aid supplies available in the dining room office and in the camp school vehicle.