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Activities at Camp

Canoeing or Rafting

Using Canadian canoes (Wobbygongs) canoeing instruction is undertaken on Big Brook Dam. Alternatively students build their own rafts from tires and pipes and then test their construction.

Note: Specialised Program Charge per student applies for canoeing, rafting or mountain biking.

The Camp Manager is qualified in Aquatic Rescue. more »

Cooperation Games

These are a series of initiative and self esteem games aimed at increasing the students sense of personal confidence and increasing mutual support within the group.

Conducted by the Camp Manager more »

Earth Education

A series of activities designed to involve the students in a hands on approach in the forest utilising experiential learning. The activities will give the students a better understanding of the forest.

Locations for Earth Education include Yeagarup, Windy Harbour, Mount Chudalup, Bicentennial Tree, Pemberton Arboretum, Gloucester Tree, Northcliffe Forest Park and the Pemberton Forest Park.

Conducted by the Camp Manager more »

Orienteering & Rogaining

Introductory orienteering focusing on Point to Point, Question and Answer and Photo orienteering course with students working in pairs. Rogaining is done in groups of four through the town of Pemberton.

Conducted by the Camp Manager more »

Specialized Mountain Biking

This is our premier program.

Groups have a wonderful selection of single track and fire road to suit their age range and distance. the mountain biking is normally conducted at the camp school and in the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park next to the camp school.

There are options including riding from the camp school on loop rides out to Gloucester Tree, Eastbrook Big Brook Dam & Arboretum and the Warren National Park.

The Munda Bddi Trail is currently under construction and is expected to be be completed in Pemberton by Spring 2012. The trail currently is open from Perth to Manjimup. more »