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Environmental Activities

Big Brook Arboretum

Situated 10 kms along the Rainbow Trail from Pemberton, this area has 32 different species of trees introduced some 60 years ago. Names and planting dates are signposted. An excellent venue for measuring plot density, height of trees, etc. A 40 minute walk starts and finishes at the arboretum with the track winding through the forest, very good in any season. more »

Bugs in the Bush

A ‘hands-on’ introduction to the diversity of macro invertebrates and the variety of habitats in which mini-beasts can be found. A range of macro invertebrates are collected in jars for closer inspection and recorded on worksheets before being released at end of activity.

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D'Entrecasteaux National Park

The D’Entrecasteaux National Park covers 118,000ha and includes 131 km of wild coastline. The Park also includes “islands” of karri forest, granite outcrops such as Mount Chudalup, limestone cliffs, coastal wetlands, mobile sand dunes, white sandy beaches and river estuaries.

Most areas are only accessible by 4WD vehicle although Salmon Beach and Windy Harbour can be reached by coach and 2WD cars. Here you can see the limestone cliffs and find good swimming, fishing and surf beaches.

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Department of Environment and Conservation Ranger Talks

This is a highly recommended activity conducted by the Pemberton DEC Ranger. The activity can be conducted in the Pemberton area, or at Mount Chudalup in conjunction with a Windy Harbour trip. Students are taken on an Earth Education experience. The activity takes approximately one hour.

Tour Guide Provided. more »

Department of Fisheries and Wildlife - Trout and Marron Hatchery

The life cycle of trout and marron and the function of this facility in stocking the waterways of the South-West is covered.

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Frogs in the Forest

Frogs in the Forest occurs at dusk and explores the world of the Karri forest amphibians.
An introduction to the 10 species of frogs commonly found around Pemberton, including frog call recordings, description of frogs and short talk about frog lifecycles, including the 3 species found at Pemberton that have no swimming tadpole stage. After listening to the range of frog calls, participants are walked to swampy sections of dam to search for frogs. Participants are encouraged to impersonate frog calls and to listen and look for frogs. Frog habitat, anatomy and what body parts may indicate (eg. Disks on toes for tree frogs, webbed feet for swimming, long hind legs for jumping) is discussed when frogs are found. Discussion on conservation of frog species and habitat is led.

Held at Big Brook Dam Picnic Area and Lake Yeagarup.

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Pemberton Discovery Tours

4 Hour Beach & Forest Off-road Adventure

Morning tour (can seat a maximum of 14 people however extra vehicle can be incorporated). Our Beach & Forest Off-road Adventure tour incorporates the D’Entrecasteaux National Park – the Yeagarup sand dunes and wild coastline and the mouth of the Warren River, also the Warren National Park and the magnificent old growth Karri forest. It is an interpretive tour however there is an emphasis on Nature (with a bit of fun!). A shuttle run can move a group of 30 students out to the beach.

www.pembertondiscoverytours.com.au or www.pembertonwa.com more »

Pemberton Hiking Company

Canoe tour through the Warren River with an emphasis on environmental/conservation and fun! Canoe tour minimum cost is $15 per person. Andy has extensive knowledge of virgin old growth forests, the topography of the regions landforms and wetland system, wildflowers, conservation issues and forest management and can organise bushwalks to suit.

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