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Camp Managers Role

The Camp Manager is responsible for general duties including camp bookings, programmes, requisitions, health and safety awareness, liaison with other camps and community relations. Domestic duties including administration and maintenance, supervision of camp school staff and the following specific duties:

  • Ensuring a qualified person in First Aid and aquatic accreditation is on site.
  • Providing Principals and Group Leaders with all the necessary information regarding the camp school.
  • Helping teachers in developing a programme to suit your needs and budget.
  • Booking excursions.
  • Being familiar with and giving assistance with natural and social sciences pertaining to the area.
  • Supervision of arrival and dispersal of groups.
  • Conducting the camp school orientation.
  • Conducting the first meal.
  • Ensuring satisfactory discipline and standards of behaviour.
  • Ensuring each group leaves the camp school in good condition.