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Curriculum Provision on Camp

“Bringing Education to Life”

Pemberton Camp School delivers quality experiential learning programs designed to support schools to achieve Curriculum Framework outcomes not easily achieved at government schools.

Pemberton Camp School has as its first priority: the provision of quality support to schools through the designing of unique and appropriate learning experiences to improve the standard of student achievement.

Camp school programs are complementary to the formal classroom programs and provide teachers with opportunities to extend student learning in most Learning Areas in relevant, practical and supportive environments.

The camp school provides a communal living environment away from the student’s home and provides new experiences through which student’s develop:

  • Self-Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Self esteem.

Values Education – Values based activities underpin the entire camping process as well as all camp programs. The camp school is committed and well placed to help students achieve the values of the Curriculum Framework

  • Setting high personal standards.
  • Students feeling good about themselves, being confident in their ability to achieve
  • Getting along with others and being connected, having empathy for others
  • Students feel like they have a place, that they can contribute and they feel part of the community
  • Living in the environment with minimum impact whilst exerting care and understanding the need for environmental sustainability.

Curriculum Framework Department of Education & Training: