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Ideas for a Better Camp

Remember to allow time for passive recreation. Activities might include sport, diary writing, pre-excursion videos, reading or fishing etc. All activities must be adequately supervised.

Lights Out and Sleep: Especially the first night.

Kids don’t recognise fatigue in themselves and need plenty of persuasion to go to sleep. Try making frequent dormitory checks of dorms in the first half-hour after lights out and insist on absolute quiet. Students are more likely to fall asleep if they are kept quiet and still.

Weather Alternatives

See attractions for ideas, bring appropriate wet weather clothing and be prepared. The camp school does have raincoats.

Pocket Money

It is suggested that pocket money be kept to a small amount as the essential requirements of camp are already here.

Commitment and Safety

By allowing the group (and other staff) to shoulder responsibility for the camp, and therefore responsibility for the camps success or failure, they will show more commitment. If you do all the objectives setting, and prior preparation and planning, odds are, you will be the most committed. Committed, aware people are generally safer, more responsive people!

Dormitory Competition

Running a dormitory competition has the effect of maintaining good standards of hygiene and cleanliness, as well as developing personal pride and healthy habits, serving good discipline within the dormitories and reducing the workload involved in the camp clean up.


Disco lights and a stereo sound system with CD, tape deck and radio. There is also a sound system located in the dining room.

Dining Hall

Television, video, DVD and CD player, magazine reading area, library and outdoor dining on veranda.